Firefly Mal Reynolds Browncoat


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I was curious since I don't really tend to see a lot of info pop up on it are there any good replica/cosplay options for this coat other than Abbyshot? What got me looking at it again was the post about there new "vegan" version coming out at a decent price. I never really intended to pay what the original ran but this looks to be a much better price and so I was thinking about picking it up. Looking closer though I'm not really sure the faux suede/color really suits the coat like the leather?

Reading more into it I see it mentioned that it's not an overly complex/difficult coat and now thinking about it more I wouldn't mind putting the outfit together so I was curious if there were any good replica options other than AS or the e-bay/china sellers?


Bronson BB

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Well, I got MY replica from the maker of the original coat for the show. Jonathan Logan.
He's expensive, and takes forever, but his coats are a lot nicer than Abbeyshots are.


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Knowing the Abbyshot isn't perfect, I'm debating whether to wait for one of those to pop up on eBay or get the Saltoni one on Amazon. Are they comparable, or is the Saltoni another step below Abbyshot?
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