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    As some of you may remember, I was having trouble painting a piece of brass. Well this is what I was working on:


    It's a Browncoat take on an old Civil War belt. I always did think this kind of buckle looked cool, and I finally found a reason to do something with it. :)


    The buckle is a repro of a civil-war era Texas military sword belt plate -- available from civil war re-enactor sutlers all over (and eBay, of course). I just turned it upside down and painted the Independent colors over the Texas Lone Star (any Texans who read this, please don't kill me, it's meant as flattery, I promise. :confused :) )

    The belt itself isn't put together like the old Civil War belts though, which adjusted on one side. Rather, I made it in three pieces, borrowing some ideas from 20th century web belts:


    Oringally I meant to make brass "hook" plates to go into the holes in the back section, but for the time being just to have something done I just fastened it up with rivets:


    I wanted something that would look right tucked up tight as a "dress" belt or could be let loose and low slung as a gunbelt. No pictures on that yet, as I want to finish some other pieces to go with it.. here's a preview though:


    The link hardware between sections, should anyone else want to try this, is this buckle, from Jas Townsend:

    I just removed the sticky part and cut off half the buckle, leaving an elongnated "D" ring. Round brass stock prolly would have worked as well or better, but I didn't have a means of soldering them closed, so I went with a commercial solution. I used British Tan dye on a tandy belt blank.
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    I love it -- I think I've like all the non-canon stuff you've done so far.

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