Firefall Female Officer (an experiment with Worbla) Picture heavy!


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So I made some armor for a game I work on called Firefall.
It was for a co-worker to wear. This is the first time I've done anything out of foam and Worbla but due to the quick turn-around needed for this, I felt this would be a fast medium to use.

Going to update this thread as I get new pictures of it.

My workspace at our studio. You can see the big sheet of Worbla on the table.

Started by making templates out of paper and using pics on my Ipad of the ingame art.

Used 6MM, 2MM foam and puzzle foam from Lowes

Worbla was really useful to make some of the little details. I was able to just heat it with a heat gun and mold it overtop the paper cutout you see here. When it hardened it's basically plastic (you can reheat it at any time and re-form it as well!)

btw, little trick that seems simple but I didn't know about it originally. You can just head the labels and they will peel right off without damaging the foam sheets!

Made the legs fully out of foam. These are the only parts I didn't wrap in Worbla because they needed to bend when she walked

Some Worbla work, wrapped over foam

Rigged some lights in them and did a test fit on her

The neck armor slowly coming together

Wrapped it in Worbla. This was a pain lol but made it nice and solid

Rigged lights in the neck armor

created the boot armor

Wrapped the boots in Worbla

I had to create this in under a week so i didn't bother to wrap the worbla around the back (didnt have time to order extra Worbla)
Tried some sealing techniques but in the end just put on 8 layers of paint instead lol

Some of the finished armor parts

a seamstress sewed the suit which was awesome! Here we are doing a test fit

sadly the neck, which took the most time didn't fit well and in the end we decided not to use it.

In the end the leg parts wrapped around her hips. I can't post pics of it yet but will shortly

- - - Updated - - -

I have more pics on my facebook page:
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Looks awesome! The hat is an interesting and cool addition.

I am a tad confused about Major rank on one shoulder and Captain's bars on the other...


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lol monday (when I get back to work) ill post up the concept art but I just matched the games files


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Wait a sec, you work for/with Red 5? Holy crap that's awesome. Wanted to make an FF costume some time back but scrapped the plan to focus on other stuff.