Finn Hero Sword


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Just wanted to post something I made for a friend last Halloween that was a really fun build as a carpenter.
Its Finn's Hero Sword from Adventure Time.

1. I started with a blade that ran into the hilt, so I could attach the guard and base pretty simply.


2. My Buddy going as Finn, Gotta get the newbie involved!


3. Started fitting everything together, fit like a charm!


4. Primed it before paint.


5. Black hilt was simple enough


6. Used an oil based yellow for the blade, had some trouble with the drying process, but it was fine after about a week.

7. Then just super glued some jewels to the hilt


8. And After wrapping the handle with some frayed denim it was ready to rock!

This was a really fun build, especially since I got to take something i'm very familiar with, carpentry, and apply it to something way out of left field, magical swordsmithing!

Thanks for checking this out!
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