Finishing a Mandalorian Helmet

Hey there. This is my second time round finishing a Mando bucket and I figured I would document some of my builds and projects moving forward. This one is for a mate of mine.

This particular design was by MinuteFett who has since sold his moulds (to who, I am not sure). It's fiberglass and one of the best mando moulds in my opinion. I have another favourite who I will give a shout out to and thats MiGranStudio on Etsy. I dont have any affiliation with those makers btw, its just my own unbiased opinion .

I am no expert but happy to answer any questions. Hopefully this might help anyone wanting to take on one of these projects themselves one day. This is the way.
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Step 1:

Using a dremmel I cut out the visor and refined the edges near the ears. I then used the sanding drum attachment to soften the edges.

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Quick couple updates.

Step 2:

Put down my first layer of black. This one is a paint and primer combo. It was pretty cold and a bit misty.

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Step 5:

For the chrome layer I am using AK Interactive Xtreme Metal. I cannot get Alumaluster in Australia but you can use any quality chrome paint if you use it correctly. I chose this particular one because it is enamel based. Shot through a 0.4 nozzel airbrush.


With the black gloss base it really comes down to feel as to how much of the chrome you want to apply. Its obviously a darker chrome in the tv series so I have to take quick breaks in between coats because your eyes can get used to just wanting to add more and more. Taking short breaks just resets my brain.

20200604_114647.jpg 20200604_112650.jpg

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