Finished pred chick outfit.


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So i got my outfit finished. Its not as epic as most peoples on here, but im not all that epic of a costume maker... yet.
I made my costume out of all real leather and such. I made everything like my shirt, blade, skirt ext...except my shoes.. i altered them. And my bio was made by OneUglymf.
I tried so hard to loose weight for this costume, i even lost 8 lbs... still not good enough though

The alien is my friend Ashlee. She did a great job on that costume let me tell ya LOL.

We met some awesome people there too....


Alien vs Predator and ironman LOL


AVP meets StarWars?!?!

So yea, i thought i would share

I hope you all enjoy!

Mr Fett

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Cool ! Glad you had fun !

On a side note, that is the most weathered Snowtrooper I've ever seen. They're supposed to have some weathering, but that person went all out.


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I think you look great, Id like to see some more earthy toned leathers used though. Maybe go for a one pant leg chopped up look. But overall I think its looking sweet.

Ei luj

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Looks good! Leather ROCKS

What brand of netting is that, its got the big diamonds

Great costume by Ashlee, get her to join up here



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love the mask although it's not yet painted? great alien cos. I plan to make one with my partner. and yeah, i think the ironman you're with is anthony? fi i'm not mistaken.

great job.
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