Finished my (re)model of a Bolter shell from Warhammer 40K.


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Evening, all! ( Well, I say "Evening", it's 3:41 in the morning... )
Thought you'd like a peek at the Bolter shell I just finished modelling :)

Started this project a few years ago, but at that time my main go-to was Tinkercad, and I was just starting to wrap my head around Fusion 360. Wouldn't say I'm an expert at all, but I'm very pleased with my progress in this remake!

Printing the prototype overnight, in red translucent resin so I can mask off the "window/column" sections at the top so they stay translucent. And the bottom is sized to fit an inert 12g shotgun shell, just to give it that last little bit of heft! Hope y'all like 'em!


  • Bolter Shell 2022(2).jpg
    Bolter Shell 2022(2).jpg
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  • Bolter Shell 2022(3).jpg
    Bolter Shell 2022(3).jpg
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  • Bolter Shell 2022.jpg
    Bolter Shell 2022.jpg
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