FINISHED !! MORE PIX!!!! TOS enterprise 22" lighted!


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New Pictures on page 3..including 3-D pictures in stereo.
I had been contacted by a few people to reload the pictures of my Enterprise so Here are a few shots of another 4 year project finished up.
I kind of went nuts with this one, It has all the lights of the 12 footer ,rotating nacelle lights,navigational strobes, and a Z scale bridge with view master shots of the command crew in the turbo lift and a shot of another galaxy class star ship in the main viewer.
It also boasts a shuttle bay with rotating platform and doors.
I added the decals to from Cult Tv man to complete this project.
.All the electronics are accessible for replacement and the effects circuits are on a board inside the ships main hull, which is also removable.
The nacelles are removable at the power units and the struts which are etched plugs. Woosh.


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Insane! That's an awesome model, fantastic work! I don't know that much about Star Trek models but I sure appreciate a good model, no matter where it came from! Is it as big as the studio model?


phase pistol

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That's good work Predicta!

- k


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Jesus on a stick!!!!! This has got to be the best Enterprise model in this scale ever!!!! How can it be beat?! I saw the 12' once and this is even better than that from what I can see here. I love it when projects are crafted and refined WAAAY above all the others. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.


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Hey thanks! The hard part about lighting any kit for me is finding a Way to replace all those electronics .The worst thing is finishing a model with airbrushed details and then hacking it apart to replace a burned out light somewhere.The first Enterprise I built had that problem ,I vowed never to go through that again.If you look close most of the lights are on subminature plugs made from IC plugs and then soldered to custom etched boards.The lighting is still old school bulbs but now that diodes are available in white and you can get lightsheet -the refit model ,out soon ,maybe the next 4 year project on the table.
I will post additional photos as soon as the decals show up.
Mike Scott


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Okay, I've gotta do the shuttle bay doors work? Are the doors attached to the floor, and the floor rotates? Just one door is attached to the floor? Looks like both doors open, though...

Excellent craft! Thanks for posting that. Love to see it finished with decals. What's the next project???



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Both doors open .The one on the starboard side has a lower flange which connects it to the center of the circular platform located in front of the doors.if you look close you can see the brass pivot in the middle of the round platform .I haven't built a small shuttle yet but it will sit above this point so as you open the doors it will look as if a shuttle is moving into position to launch.

Man. am I a Geek.
The next project is to finish the C57D from Forbidden planet.that has moving landing gear and rotating fusion core.
off subject I also fabricate scratch built custom cars from the 60's I am just about finished with Redd fox's Little redd Wrecker show rod.

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OHMYGOD! I just saw this! You guys are soooooo tempting me to get into SS models with all this stuff! I've only done general models, some kit bashing, etc. but when I see this...



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All the circuitry is scratch built to fit into the main hull and the lighting is replacement friendly.most of the main sections where the wires come together have special etched boards to make changing burned out bulbs easier. the Nacelles have 20 LEDs in yellow and green with a few pieces of defraction plastic to make the lights defused and powerfull looking.In the middle of the disk is an orange panel light that gives the illusion of the fan blade effect.
the nacelle lights counter rotate as in the tv series.
I have to build a power supply to use with this model as of now I have three transformers on a power strip .
thanks for all the positive feedback.
Mike scott


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Sarge, nope hadn't found that site, yet - thanks. Been reading through all the cases at, though.

Huge Bigfoot fan since I was a kid in the '70s. Just got the Discovery Channel special on DVD, with the Roger Patterson footage, in the mail today.

I don't know about the 16mm footage from RP. But, I think that with so many sightings - some of which are within 12 miles of where I live in the Oregon Willamette Valley - there's got to be something to it.

And, if not, the accounts make for very interesting reading!


EDIT: Sorry for the off-topic!
Again, fantastic Enterprise!
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