FINISHED Finally! Doctor Who Judoon build


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I've been wanting to build a mask from clay for some time now. While brainstorming & returning from Dragoncon (which included a 15 hr car trip through post-hurricane winds), I decided I needed a big rhino head.

It started in foam because I'm not gonna waste that much clay:


And then day one of the sculpt:

The plan is to construct armor out of wonderflex, use an embroidery hoop for the oval neck, and sew up the rest in leather. NYCC, here I come.
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Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

So day 2 and I've made quite a bit of progress on the detail sculpt. I'm getting some feedback already but would love any Doctor Who fans to pipe up if they see anything off.

Progress pics (details are not in yet, and ears are detachable):


A few more angles:
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Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Yay! Someone is giving this a *real* go! I was going to give this one ago myself one day but knew I could never give it justice - I'd rather do a sontaran!

Looking good so far though mate! What are you using for reference? Just screenchaps or a toy?

Will you be creating any animatronic innards to get the mouse or eyelids going?

My own personal critique right now is the slope on the head, you have it coming down at a tighter angle before the mouth extends. Here is a more side on shot for your reference;


I'm sure you've seen this given you have got so far in such little time!
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Hmmm, I don't remember Rosie O'donnell being on Doctor Who. : )
Actually looks very good so far.
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Animatronics are beyond my skill level at this point, so it will be a static expression. As for reference photos, I've got a few screen caps, as well as the photos posted by one of the members here of the actual costume.

Foam was glued with liquid nails; it's just there so I'm not wasting any clay. And, apparently, so my carpet is littered with pink.
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Thanks for that reference photo! I'd planned on building up the base of the horn a bit more but you're right, it's not gonna be enough. I'll see if I can improve that with tomorrow's work.
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Next update!

I ended up moving and enlarging the nostrils, as well as making a much larger hood over the left eye. Also am extending the front lips and have added a bit more of a scowl. Added some to the middle section to fix the slope. Suggestions/comments welcome!

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Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Oooh! Now that is looking the business!

Am I right in saying you will be adding more of an eye lid later on via latex or something? Right now he's a bit scared/surprised looking! :D
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Just the left eyelid is done... I'm gonna add more to the right one to get the balance right.

He is looking angrier though! :)
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Okay, worked mostly on the left side today and I think it's where I want it to be. Going to duplicate this look on the right side, then add details.

I'm still trying to figure out how I want to cast this. Option one: I can do it in silicone, and then cast in foam. This will be more expensive than creating the mold in plaster, then casting it in plastic. I'm leaning towards the latter, because I've done this before. I've never worked with foam.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Holy hell, this is totally awesome!!! I've seen a Judoon costume before but never with the helmet off. This is rad!
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Have done some research to prep myself for the molding process. It's definitely going to be a complicated one because of the many protruding parts on the head (ears, horns, etc), as well as details on the skin.

I think I'm going to have to move forward with a single mold of Rebound 25 and a 2- or 3-part plasti-paste mold. This will let me cast it in Smoothcast 300 or the foam latex in the end (and I'm leaning towards the Smoothcast, as I've never worked with latex before). It will function more like a helmet than a flexible piece if it's done in the plastic--but with the mold being made out of Rebound, I'll be able to take a cast in latex anytime I choose.

Problems I'm considering (if anyone has ideas, please feel free to make a suggestion!)

*Complications in casting the ears and horns. I've already decided to cast the ears separately from the rest of the head, and rivet them on after the fact. I'm considering making the horns in the same fashion, but there's so much detail sculpting at their base that it may be impossible.

*There's no obvious place to cut the mold in two. I have the feeling I will run the cut line of the Rebound to be right down the center of the skull (to the points of each of the horns) and then into the mouth.

Also, in case anyone is wondering how I'm going to breathe: the innards of the mouth will be cut out so it will let in air. I'll install a few fans there as well as some black mesh so the face won't be visible. The bottom of the mask will need to be attached to some fabric so it will extend below the armor.

And talking about visibility: The more I work in those eyes to get the proper Judoon squint, the worse the visibility of this mask becomes. Right now it looks like there will be hardly any at all :-( I had intended to install a half-sphere of painted plastic at the very end for the eye.

Any suggestions for the visibility?
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

The horns shouldn't be a problem if you divide the mold right down the center. I'd definitely cast the ears separately, though.

As for visibility, you'd be surprised how easy it is to see out of small holes. I went to a masquerade party earlier this year in a mask with just two slits, approximately 1/16" wide and 1/2" long and was able to navigate around pretty well, only needing help around stairs.
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

This is AWESOME. I got the inspiration to do this very Judoon costume (with the head) in time for DragonCon next year. Some of my Rebel Legion comrades got me into the newer Dr.Who, and I'm now addicted!

Anyway, very excited to see your progress on the mask. I've never done prosthetic molding before, so this should be interesting....
Re: Doctor Who Judoon build

Btw, how do you intend to make the armor? I know there's a lot of leather straps & the "skirt", but I think we'll need to make solid pieces for the arms and body. We have a great armor maker who's well-versed in making Clone Trooper, I need to pick his brain and see what is best.
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