FINISHED!! Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun) WETA

Laser Brain

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I've not seen one of these replicated...


Ava006.jpg I thought I'd give it a go.

I've started with the shoulder stock/hand grips, roughing them out in Chemiwood.



I cut the MDF core and ABS for the barrels too.
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Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

I wonder if Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms would ever consider working on a functional version on Sons of Guns.
Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

Very nice. Were you planning on integrating a working display?

A few months ago I made a custom aluminum bracket to mount a cheap mini Aiptek HD camera, miniature low light camera head, and a scope on an air pistol. It was awesome to pick-up targets through the Aiptek's 2 1/2" screen. An Aiptek integrated into your MBS-9M build would be awesome. The screen on the Aiptek opens to the left side so that is perfect. You would just need to create a cavity in your stock to accept the Aiptek. Cable a tiny board camera to the Aiptek's Video In port and you would have a fully functional onboard lcd display.

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Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

It's a nice idea to integrate a working screen, but I doubt that I'll do it. I'll try and do something cool graphically if I can.

I've roughed in the 3 barrels:


Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

Neil, you got skills brother!

This gun is WAY cool.

Can't wait to see it finished!

Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

Not much progress today, but I managed to work on the barrels for long enough to cut out some detail...just got to file them all nicely now and tidy up the insides where I'd laminated the ABS to create a larger wall thickness to the barrels.

Next I'll make the magazine feed sections to each barrel and then look at joining them.

Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

What's the plan on joining them together? A cradle, with slots cut for these? Bands around the outsides of the barrels?

I'm loving this.
Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

I think that the barrels are solidly joined at the junction where the ammo is fed. The tripod is fixed at this point too. I'll use aluminium strips bent at 120 degrees to join the barrels down their length.
Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

I put the barrels to one side until my ABS arrives and I've started to carve the facets into the stock. I've almost finished the left side.


Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun) WETA

Everything is still very rough, but I've carved the facets on the right hand side of the stock and I've started to build up the magazine housing on one of the barrels.


Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun) WETA

Are the handle grips hinged? What are you going to use for a swiveling base? This project is very cool and unique!
Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun) WETA

The handle grips will be hinged.

I'll probably just make a base like the one in this photo...


I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the ammo...probably make one block, mould it and cast out a strip, mould it again and cast 3 in black rubber...possibly.
Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun) WETA

It,s s little to big for me, but a nice piece of work.
One I sure will follow.
Re: Avatar MBS-9M .50 Cal (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun) WETA

Thanks guys.

I've worked out how I'm going to join the 3 barrels. I need to chop some triangular sections out of the bottom of each magazine feed section. The red lines are the cuts that I need to make...currently my magazine feeds are blocks. I can then pin the barrels together at this point. If I can get to a workshop this week I'll run them through a saw at 60 degrees, but I may just do it by hand from home.

This will allow me to have a slight gap between each barrel as per the original. The aluminium strips that run along the length of each barrel will support the barrels through their length.

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