FINISHED - Aliens M-41A Pulse Rifle (Spulse Mk3)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hjonny, May 20, 2012.

  1. hjonny

    hjonny New Member

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    Hey all,

    Big thanks to Spat for his great pulse rifle kit, ordered it at the beginning of this year and I thought I'd let you all see how I got on. I've more pics but I'll just put a few up unless anyone asks otherwise.

    I ordered it with the static LED display, set to 95, so I've put in a few pics of the wiring on that too, and the build process. I chose to paint my shrouds OD, not brown, and only weather the thing a little bit, it almost doesn't show up in the photos, but it's there.

    I'd welcome any suggestions/constructive criticism too!

  2. SofaKing01

    SofaKing01 Master Member

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    VERY SHARP! Now dont run around the house shooting everybody... you have to make sure the drapes are down and the lights are off! : )

    Looking good!
  3. superfreak1000

    superfreak1000 Active Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    oh man that is so sic! very nicely done!
  4. HGBode

    HGBode New Member

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    Oh man what a beauty beast...
  5. KramStaar

    KramStaar Sr Member

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    Great work mate…

  6. Robiwon

    Robiwon Master Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    I have built two Pulse Rifles, both airsoft, but have never had a Spulse. I know that next to an airsoft and real steel, the Spulse is the best out there. You did a fantastic job on this. Very impressive work. Good job man!
  7. Lear60man

    Lear60man Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Great kit, great price and great build up. Congrats dude!
  8. hjonny

    hjonny New Member

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    Thanks for all the great compliments guys! I'll have to get started on something else to show off here now :)
  9. gyoung2993

    gyoung2993 Sr Member

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    Man, that is just BADASS.............fantastic........
  10. nick-a-tron

    nick-a-tron Well-Known Member

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    Great job!!!
  11. mattrendar

    mattrendar Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Very nice job . I love my spulse too ! Great work !
  12. 88reaper88

    88reaper88 Active Member

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    I love the metallic sheen it has, great stuff :)
  13. neilo1

    neilo1 Well-Known Member

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    Nice job! Spat puts out a very nice product. Does this have the new moving trigger?

    Now you just need to give it a splash of xenomorph slime.

  14. hjonny

    hjonny New Member

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    88Reaper88 - Thanks! I used satin black for the metallic parts, the pump grip and pistol grip are both done in flat black to try and break up the surfaces. It only really seems to work on the pistol grip though, I find the pump tends to blend in a bit too much. I might drybrush the Spas cage a bit more to help it stand out from the pump grip.

    Neilo1 - No moving trigger on this - I didn't know you could get that! I was lazy and didn't make a trigger for the grenade launcher either. I'll put it on the to do list :)
  15. Itsanonsense

    Itsanonsense New Member

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    Very well done! :eek:
  16. andurilmat

    andurilmat Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    that looks sweet, i love the weathering too :)

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