Finhead Iron Man Mark 1 helmet


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Hey guys,
Around january/february of 2011 .. Finhead did a really cool run of Mark 1 helmets. A couple of us got it but I never saw a thread about it.

So I finally got around to prep/cut/prime and paint it. There's not much to show, but I thought I'd show my paint WIP since this is what most people really want to see.

First things first, I'm really not a good painter. The only thing I've ever painted were my Zorg droid heads, an Iron Man Reveal faceplate and my SS X-Wing which is not yet weathered. So basically, the technique I used is an old trick from Zorg which is all about dilluted paint applied with a sponge in layer.

I used a little bit of brown, yellow and black and went it "sponging" the helmet layer by layer and building up. I think it would definitely be really cool to get pigment or actually anything more consistent as the real mask was quite textured on its weathering .. anyway, I'll see about that later.

Right now, most of the front is done, just begun the top and the back is not yet touched.

Refs uploaded here:



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Thanks guys,

Mmm .. I see I'm a little weathering heavy .. the real helmet is really more textured than this one so I'll see what I do about it.

If you have any tips, let me know!


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This helmet is now for sale!! PM me if you're interested and don't write to this thread!

It's packed and ready to go!


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You may want to edit this thread. You can only post sales in the JY. In addition, some may view this as double exposure to your sale by advertising it here which is a no-no.
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