FineMolds 1/72 Boba Fett Slave 1 - The Madness Begins!


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Taking a short break from my Deagostini Falcon, I recently payed a king's ransom on EBAY for Finemold's 1/72 Boba Fett Slave 1. After gleefully opening it and checking it against the studio model. I was surprised to see some inaccuracies. I know few models are free of inaccuracies and are custom fodder, but my impression of this model was that it was very accurate. Now that said, I believe this is still the most accurate model of the ship in this scale. The inaccuracies are only a few and are easy to fix.

I decided to start with the wing's connecting point to the main body of the ship. The studio prop used the 8-Rad under carriage and I just so happened to have 2 1/72 Dragon kits and they scaled perfectly, so I chopped them up and replaced the Kit parts. I really like how they look now.


Next I will be adding a few missing details on the wings, nothing to extensive. After that I will turn my attention to the underside. The studio prop used the front wheel wells from the Porsche kit under the round antennae. Finemolds surprisingly left these off the kit. It looks like the 1/25 or 1/24 Porsche scales pretty good to the kit. Fingers crossed and more to come............


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Here is the work on the wings/stabilizers. Many additions and corrections.

Here is the top side. The triangular piece on the left was trimmed down to be more accurate with the studio model and to allow the proper gap between it and the connection rod, when is the flight mode. New details added.


Here is the bottom side. The top piece was reshaped to match the studio model and the bottom edge trimmed to fit more accurately. I also cut a notch on the top left side the same as the studio model. I also added the missing strip on the top right.


Here is the new part I scratch built as the kit part was too small.


The biggest changes were to the this area. I added the strip along the top piece's edge to create that curve like the studio model. I then added the strip that sandwiches between these parts and and added the little greeble to partially cover the gap, just as in the studio model. IMG_1506.JPG

Here is the front stabilizer. I cut a larger notch along the top to better match the studio model and added the small bits on the bottom flares. There is a notch on the inside edge of this piece that is present on the studio model, but without heavy modification to this piece, I see no way of creating that.


There are still a few more details to add, but here is where I am currently at with this project. The other wing will be a breeze, now that I have figured out all the necessary changes.


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I built one of these year ago,it’s a great kit. I only mod I made was the pistons but wish I had also re done the top of the body where it should be separate.I did do the paint job via airbrush laying down multiple levels of paint and masking fluid. Yours is looking good Keep us posted!
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