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Does anyone happen to know if Fine Molds has any definite plans to produce a Millennium Falcon, and if so, is there a tentative release date?
I hadn't heard anything more than rumors. I'm no math whiz, but if they keep with the 1/72d scale thing, you can bet that this will be an expensive and large model!

Large? If the falcon in "real life" is 34.8 meters long, a kit at 1/72 scale will measure in at 19 inches (1 inch more than the MPC/ERTL) kit. I wouldn't quite call that large.

Expensive? Hell yeah, but worth the price. I estimate somewhere in the $60 - $90 range (US).
Thanks for setting the scale more accurately that I could -- I'm glad I prefaced my comments with the 'not a math whiz' disclaimer..

IIRC, the Slave 1 is rumored to cost somewhere around $50-60, so that should give you a good starting point to guess how much a falcon might cost.
Judging from their previous efforts, I would stick my neck out and say that if it was produced, it would be a simply stunning model, regardless of price. It'd probably be worth every cent.
Hi Sci Fi Smoker.

There are so many great subject to choose from. A 1/72 B-wing would be sweet as well.

Actually, considering everything they've produced so far has been fantastic, I'd be prepared to plonk down the cash for anything they announce, sight unseen, especiialy Original Trilogy stuff.
If they do the Falcon then what would be its "bad guy" counterpart? Look at how kits have been released. X-Wing then its main adversary the TIE fighter. Obi Wan's star fighter and now Slave 1 is going to be released. The Falcon doesn't have a direct adversary. Rumor has it the Y-Wing will be a likely candidate then followed up by TIE bomber. Why? According to EU materials one of the main functions of th Y-wing is it is a bomber so then the TIE bomber would come after that. This good guy, bad guy ship seems to be they way they are doing things so whatever Fine Molds dose after the Slave 1, that ship's counterpart will be next.
Well if I had to determine what was the Falcon's Nemesis I'd have to say a Star Destroyer. Its outrun and or been in battle with one in every original trilogy movie. Its definitely shared more screen time with the SD then the BLockade runner did - even though that initial set of images will be burned on our brains forever

Anyway I'd be jumping for joy if they did a Falcon followed by an SD (1/72 might be a bit too big). I'm starting to drool so I have to stop now.

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Have to agree Mr Walker. I am pretty much committed to picking up the FM Star wars kits as they come out, they are THAT good.

Incidentally, is anyone selling them at home? I have been getting mine from HLJ, which are quite cheap even after shipping.


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