Fine Molds Millenium Falcon 1/72


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Hi All

I'm a newcomer here and I thought I would share my recently completed Falcon.

I mostly build model aircraft, I had the Falcon kit in the stash for about 6 years and finally got inspired to build it. I must say it was great fun, next up I'm thinking a Bandai X-Wing might go nicely with it.

Thanks for looking.

MF01.jpg MF02.jpg MF03.jpg MF04.jpg MF05.jpg MF06.jpg

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Great paint! Especially on the figures in the cockpit. Could you possible add more pictures of them and speak to your painting techniques that you used on them?


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Beautiful job. I would be curious to see it in front of a neutral colored background as the white seems to be washing out some of the coloring. But the paint and weathering from what I can see looks VERY good. The beauty of doing one of these is when you finish, you really do feel like you accomplished something major.


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Thanks for your kind words guys. I think you are right JMChlladek about the background as in reality the model is a lot warmer in terms of paint colouring. I will try to get some more pictures up with a different background in the next few days.

in terms of the figures I didn't really use any special technique. They were painted with Italeri acrylics (which I belive are rebrand Vallejo paints?) which seem to go on nicely with a brush. Following a gloss coat a simple enamel black wash was used to pop the rather poor detail, which was then followed with a flat coat.
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