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Been searching the site's archives and internet to find some answers and thought it would be best to ask some questions myself on here. I've only done 2 small projects myself (a Borderlands Psycho mask and Krieg's mask) and modeled them using some cheap Plasticine (sulfur free), a silicone molding agent called CloneFX which is fairly thick to use but doesn't need a release agent, and a pretty good polyurethane resin called EasyCast for the final cast. The only issues that I've had with these products was that the CloneFX has a tendency of creating bubbles and not capturing some of the fine details of model, resulting in bubbles appearing in the final cast, and I really want to avoid this for any future projects that may have more detail.

My question is if I were to buy another thinner silicone molding agent, namely one called Pinkysil (which in several reviews captures small details very well), could I;
  1. Brush on the Pinkysil as a detail coat and when it cures brush the CloneFX over that to make 1 silicone jacket (and if I do this, anyone know if they would every stick together?)
  2. Just use the CloneFX in very small batches and gradually make my silicone jacket with that, and risk the bubbles forming?
  3. Or should I just buy a thickening agent and use the Pinkysil only, doing a detail coat and brush several thicker coats over that?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.
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