Fine detail for eva foam headdress?


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I'm working on a headpiece for my costume and I'm running into a last minute snag. You see, I'm working on a personified skyscraper costume, and need to replicate the look of the fine windowframes of the original. You can see pics here:

These details will be too small to just cut strips of craft foam, for the most part. What else might work for such fine detail work? I was debating using cardstock, then sealing it with watered down craft glue to waterproof it before painting with createx paint. Or is there something else that might work better? I need something that will adhere to the EVA/Craft foam base and stay put, and paint will have to adhere to it as well.


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If it's straight lines you want, I'd use balsa or other craft wood. It comes in very thin and narrow strips that you can cut with an exacto knife. It's great for model building and I think it would work for your skyscrapers.
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