Finally got my Arya Stark costume to a place I'm comfortable with.


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I'm going to preface this by saying that before I did this costume, I had never sewn anything in my LIFE.

HOLY CRAP was this challenging. I started the process once, scrapped the entirety of that and did it over again. There are some things that do still need improvements. For example, I still have to add eyelets and some lacing in the center, but this is the first costume I've ever made myself! The belt was something I already had on hand, so it's not very accurate either. This jerkin here took all my effort. I used a natural, very light tan jute webbing like this and attached the pieces together with faux leather cord and an upholstery needle. Rather than dye the jute, I used some homemade airbrush paint (acrylic+alcohol) and a cheap little airbrush gun. Part way through the process, it actually broke and that was an adventure in itself, with the con the next day. Also an adventure - sewing faux leather to jute. HOLY HECK, I don't recommend it. Again, this is by no means a perfect costume. I recognize the flaws and the no where near perfect craftsmanship, but it's something I'm proud of. :)


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You should be proud!

I just compared yours to the photos in the GOT costumes book and you nailed it.

Yes the weathering looks terrific.

And I'm glad to see people working on GOT cosplays, I'm using this extra time (my workplace is shut down) to plug away at my Barristan Selmy cosplay, to be ready when we start having Cons again.

Like yourself, everything I'm doing is something I've never done before. Never sewn a tunic, never weathered a leather jerkin, never made sword belts, never made a sword and scabbard.
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