Finally ... Fifth Element Aknot Hero Head + Mech Head


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If u can wait it might be your whishes can become true...

So, i already owe the Aknot static hero head which was promenently shown in the scene were Corban Dallas shot him while holding hostages at the final battle on Floston Paradise.
A few years ago i saw the mech head #1 in an exhibition which was used for the Aknot scenes in the movie .

Now i had the chance to purchase this exactly head and i cant wait that it will arrive to me.

The inner mech head is nice but without the outer skin it is only one half of the whole.
Even the great Nick Dudman shows this head on his internet site.

And now i have it all, the complete moving Aknot head and also the static head from the last scene when Aknot
have been shot ..... or ..... was it so ? Could it be he survived his heavy injuries... ?

Some years ago i only wanted to have at least one of the Mangalores warriors for me and my fandom ...
... now my wishes have become true and i only can advise you ... work on your dreams .... :)


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amazing! I'm glad you got it, I considered it for so long! but I'm glad it is you who got it in the end as I know you are a real fan of the Mangalores!
you know, at the time you did the run of heads, I couldn't really afford it, and it's actually even worse now, but it is one of my biggest regrets!

If you ever do and happen to remember please PM me, I rarely check the RPF these days but would love one! The work you did one the last one was fantastic. And if you were able to restore the Aknot I have faith that you can restore that Akanit, Aknot was in really rough condition when you got it if I am remembering right.
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Luckely i have 2 AKNOT casts. One hero silicon gel which is in the pictures above and cant be casted because of the silicon gel. And a second one i restored to a stable condition. This second one needs a lot of work then after the AKANIT head.
Both the hero and the Background heads were casts from the same master. The only difference is the used material.
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