Finally! a GREAT place to get mannequins online for cheap!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. hydin

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    Got an early birthday present this year. After suffering for the last few months, a little pick me up gift was sent to me, and it came in last week. I finally got some spare time to set it up, and * it is cool.

    heres the site pic of it :


    and my horrible cell phone pic of a somewhat cool yet ghetto superman costume on it.


    I still haven't figure out the shoe rod bit, as it makes him lean over to the left, but all in all I am very very happy with it. 99 bucks and shipping. (From NY to me in Louisiana was $27) You can't beat that. Shoe and calf rod hookup, as well as the base for it. He/It stands about 6 foot and some change. A little taller than me (I am 6'), but has kind of tiny feet.

    All in all, pretty nice setup for a damned good price. I couldn't ask for a better early birthday ;)

    The website? StudioRox

    hope this helps out someone in need of a cool looking display.


  2. SWFreak

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    Not bad.

    It looks like they raised their prices though. Yours is showing $129 now.
  3. hydin

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    If you click on the link to buy it, you will see a new page with the listing as 99$ :), it is the one under "Male" on the side, not the actual picture.

    It took me by surprise too :lol

  4. Tosprops

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    They will do custom designs too. I wonder if there is enough interest to get an RPF version for a vader style?
  5. Funky

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    Is that the only pose they offer at that price?
  6. OldKen

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    <div class='quotetop'>(hydin @ Jun 19 2006, 05:56 PM) [snapback]1264136[/snapback]</div>

    what are you talkin about thats the first thing i thought when i saw this...

    vader on tantive 4 when he * his hip and puts his hand on his sides... hey its even tilted.
  7. RedTwoX

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    <div class='quotetop'>(hydin @ Jun 19 2006, 03:17 PM) [snapback]1264095[/snapback]</div>

    Hmmm... Looks like Supes needs to hit the gym

    Just kidding :lol

    This is some good info. Thanks for sharing the source.
  8. propsculptor

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  9. dropshipbob

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    I assume it's composed of fiberglass?
  10. comm510

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    A reason to be thankful most costumes have helmets. Creepy
  11. RacerX45

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    :eek What could those possibly be used for? You're right, very creepy.

  12. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    ayw, fiberglass.

    and yes, the cartoon ones are freaking sadistic creepy.

    thank god for helmets or hacksaws. they be the things nightmares be made of. yarr.

  13. redeye

    redeye Well-Known Member

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    Man... I wish I lived in the states :cry . I hate to think what it would cost to ship to Canada?
  14. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    i think canada has a 15$ fee on top of the shipping....

    try asking em though, great sales guys
  15. DL 44 Blaster

    DL 44 Blaster Sr Member

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    How does one go about getting a custom pose? I'd really like the Boba Fett ESB hallway pose. The one where he is holding the rifle up in the firing position.

  16. PHArchivist

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    Bookmarked --thanx.
  17. redeye

    redeye Well-Known Member

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    I got a note back... its $65 to ship to Canada... not a bad price at all.
  18. darthwhitey

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    great link, thanks

    anyone had any experience cutting and adjusting these things? (for varying poses)

    i am in the early stages of trying to find a mannequin for trooper armor...

    thanks again.

  19. BladeMasterFemme

    BladeMasterFemme New Member

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    Thanks for the link.
  20. Jayn

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    <div class='quotetop'>(darthwhitey @ Jun 22 2006, 03:18 PM) [snapback]1265870[/snapback]</div>
    Yeah..Used to work in a mannequin factory (among other wierd jobs) ..Most are pretty thin fiberglass, usually shredded glass, not mat...they'll shatter & chip when you cut them, but just work them like any other fiberglass project..Also the hardware for the limbs is made specifically for quick changing store display clothes and is not made to fasten securely. You might want to add bolts or glue together. A lot of full-bodies will have only one leg posable.
    Find one as close as possible to your needs.. The custom job sounds like a good idea, but I thought the same thing about the "Vader" one...
  21. rabbit4x

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    To bring a thread back from the past, I was wondering if the mannequins can have gloves fitted onto them? Is there any modifications needed for a glove to fit on? For the leg stand, is there another method to secure the leg to the stand so there isn't a whole through the costume pant leg?
  22. Uber Fett

    Uber Fett Sr Member

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    You weren't looking at Mannequin Mary were you... :confused


    Of course...looking through the could do the Vader in the head candid...
    ...turn the hands and you could mount the latest Imperial version of the NYT.
  23. maskatron

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    Whoa.- Some of there 'Femm-equins' on that site look close to being actual 'Realdolls' . :D
    minnus the $5ooo + price tag...and well you know...'
    Anywayyy, There's some great headforms that they have too.,for masks / helmets..I think are excellant.
    Thx for the link. :)
  24. atacpdx

    atacpdx Well-Known Member

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    For better poses and up to 6'4" in height for the same price ranges try:

    They ship really fast, the quality is great and you get both calf and foot rods although many will stand by themselves with boots on etc.
  25. Darth Kahnt

    Darth Kahnt Sr Member

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    Thanks for the reference site. Im looking for a good mannequin myself.

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