Final pics 1/1 Leia bust UPDATE


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I just finished this up for a member here, the eyes are temporary as he is going to add his own, I just threw these in for the pics.






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My only comment would be that I personally think that there is too much black around her eyes. I think she had more of a pink/purple eyeshadow. The cheeks had a bit more blush in them too I seem to remember.
I also seem to remember that her bottom lip was more fuller for some reason? :)
Apart from that I think she looks great.


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Cool Carrie bust. Where can I get one.

Constructive Criticism Below

The bust looks very good except for a few rough areas here and there that should have been smoothed out. The likeness to Carrie Fisher in the sculpt itself is pretty dead on, but the paintjob is kind of weak. The flesh tone is too pink and too pale. It makes her look kinda dead.
The painted in hairline is bothersome. It makes the hair look really fake especially near the sideburn area. I like that you mixed in shades of brown for the hair.
The eyebrows look painted and heavy handed. Try using an extremely fine paint brush or draw the individual hairs in with a colored pencil.


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Nice work Streetjudge79

I'd like to be the first to give a *positive* comment about your ANH Leia bust :)

AS you've said, her bottom eyelashes need a bit of a trim, but I think this is an excellent likeness (courtesy of CKing I believe?) and with a bit more 'blusher' on the cheeks she'd look 'spot on'

Although I may be a lil' bit biased as I think Carrie Fisher circa 1977 was *very* cute :D
If you put this on a full mannuequin, just make sure that the (ahem) boobs are duct-taped-down.... just like the original :love



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The flash washes out a lot of the color, the cheeks and skin tone are fine. Any more blush and she would look like bozo the clown.
I re did the eyes since I showed these photos, so she doesn't look like she's got black eyes now. Not much I can do for the hairline, that is the way it was sculpted, it left no room to paint on hair ends. If I did that, they would look awful.
Thanks for the constructive criticism, I want my client to be 100 percent happy so any changes I can do to better the bust, I welcome them.


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Originally posted by streetjudge79@Jan 6 2006, 07:25 PM
....... the eyes are temporary as he is going to add his own,

Granted they are only *temporary* but I think if the eyes were dark brown, it would add a lot to the Carrrie Fisher likeness.

And I know what you mean about camera flash 'washing out' the colour details... maybe the bust has plenty blusher as it is.... and as I recall Leia's overall complexion was quite pale in ANH so that looks accurate :)



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Well, I don't like it at all. But in all fairness, I think a lot has to do with me just not liking the bust to begin with. And you can only work with what ya got. :unsure


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I made a few modifications.. just have to add back the bottom eyelashes and going to airbrush some pink above the eyes.






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No offense to you (hopefully) but I think its generally just kind of creepy looking. She's got this look on her face that isn't quite "normal". I can't describe it.

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Steve, it´s doesn´t look that bad, it can be nicer though with a few changes

First of all, you need to change the eye color, to dark brown. But also if I were you, I would go for a pair of real glass eyes that are alot more expensive but well worth the money.

You need to do her skin a little bit more warmer and soft.

Here are some pictures of the Leia Statue that I made for a museum in Paris last year and a picture where you see what kind of color you need to buy.
They cost $120 a pair




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