Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leonhart Gunblade


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Ok, so first post on here and first major replica build to date.

My sister is a huge Final Fantasy fan and since her birthday is coming up I decided to make her her favourite weapon from the series, Squall Leonhart's Gunblade.

Managed to find an accurate blueprint of the Gunblade, printed it out and traced it onto a piece of MDF, planning on building it entirely out of MDF with some bondo for the finer details.
haven't had much time to work on the gunblade so far, but have marked it out on MDF and did the rough cuts with the jigsaw. Plenty more cutting and sanding before the fun parts begin

yeh picture quality is pretty crap, had to use my phone camera
done a bit more, mainly jigsawing out the last few bits and learning how to use a dremel...makes short work of the finer details such as thinning down the trigger and hammer, bit of bondo to fix a couple rough bits and should look alright
I See you are from Australia too! Hi there!
If you go to Bunnings, check out the fillers sectionl. There should be a brand in a bright green tin called 'Pro build builders filler'. That stuff will be better than 'rondo' for MDF. Also when sanding it back use some spot putty (and spray putty too if you want), super cheap auto should have some some 3m spot putty in tubes.

You may need latex gloves with the bog and spot putty(spot putty is more like a liquid). I dont bother half the time with gloves cos its non toxic and is generally quicker by hand and also, - not the washing hands stage though xD
yep from oz.
i have some bondo and stuff from some car mods i've been doing, probably need to give it a thin coat so when i paint it it looks like gleaming metal
Finally got around to doing some more work on the Gunblade for my sis.

Tapered the blade edges, added the handle grip and sanded it to shape, now building the cylinder...coated the inside of a coke can with bondo to make it, it'll be capped and I'll dremel out the grooves and finer details
Looks good! Did you make your own blueprints? Just wondering, because I'd like to make a gun blade myself :)

Anyway, I'm subscribing to this thread!
I WAS on the verge of having to make my own blueprint when i stumbled upon one someone had posted online. Converted it into a printable file and resized it to make it accurate.
I might try and make some kind of mold from it before I give it to my sister, just gotta make sure the original doesn't get damaged
Right. Well unless I don't stumble upon these prints then I might have to end up making my own :)

Unless you don't mid sharing them! Haha.
Ok, got the original PDF document, or you can use the shrunk down blueprint at the start of the thread, just resize them to about 98cms if you want it accurate to the game
Awesome! Thank you so much! I won't share this file with anyone.
If someone asks me, I will redirect them to you :) worries. I didn't draw the original blueprint so i'm not phased either way.
Good luck with the Gunblade, mine HAS to be finished in 3 days for my sister's birthday
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