Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade prop wood + costume


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i built this costume for distant worlds concert in boston in 2011 and i realized i never posted it here. all the parts were in my deviantart though at
Wood for the gun, u'll see 2 boards i made a backup incase i messed up. i used a barrel from a nerf magnum and foam for the grip. nothing else. the symbol i made a vector of and then ended up not using it so i drew/etched it into the wood by hand, freehand. i was rushed never sanded it enough but it came out decent. anyway i'll revisit it at some point but enjoy. for reference im 6'2

squall lion sample2.jpg mysquallv1.jpg gunblade progress.jpg gunblade 1.jpg Finished gunblade v1.jpg 2012-03-07 23.48.07.jpg


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Looking really good. 7 & 8 were my favourite games from the series & luckily got to see the distant worlds concert last November in London :)
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