Final Fantasy 7 Potion Replica Display

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Hello. So a few years ago my brother got me quite the nice Christmas present. I was a replica potion from Final Fantasy 7. Square had them produced for the 10th anniversary, and they were featured in the PSP game Crisis Core. As a bonus it is one of a limited production so its a little more special to me. It came in a nice heavy box with a nice book about all of the FF7 games and movies that exist, in Japanese. Never the less, I've always wanted a way to display this thing for myself and the world to see. After kicking around a few ideas and ditching those, my dad and I came up with the idea for a sort of containment unit. Similar in look to the capsules that the Terminator arm was stored in for T2. As my pictures might not show the potion in the best detail, here is a link to that has a good picture.

Shin-Ra Potion replica movie prop from Final Fantasy VII (video game)

The build, and idea really, came from finding a straight sided glass candle shade that was just the right height. a trip to the hardware store revealed that the diameter of the glass was perfect for a few PVC pipe fittings. The holder inside is a stand for porcelain dolls that I found at a goodwill. To hold the unit together, three aluminum straps were bolted to either end. This made the unit look more protected and it ensured that the glass tube wasn't being used as a load being item. A PVC cap was used for the lid and the handle was one end of a water filter for a home fridge. Accent bolts were salvaged from a really old and defunked computer. As was the circuit board with wires and things in the base. With some shaping and cutting, and sanding, the fittings were trimmed to size, a lid was notched to fit around the bolts. A spacer was cut for the bottom of the unit to hold the stand upright and was screwed in place with tiny screws. This meant the whole unit can be disassembled for further work and cleaning and repairs. Paint and sanding and more paint finished the unit. Sadly as accident happen, the ever so perfect sized glass tube broke and left the project unfinished. The tube was purchased from a craft store, on clearance, with one left and they have never got anything close in stock ever again. Sigh. Oh well. Here is some build pictures for you to enjoy, I hope! Thanks!

P.S. The pictures are out of bad. Plus if anyone out there know where I might get my hands on a potential new glass tube, OR a place to find acrylic tubes that would be great!


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