Final episode of The Colbert Report.


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Anybody watch it?

The farewell song had so many celebrities be a part of it. I only caught/recognized a few: George Lucas, Patrick Stewart, Bill Clinton, James Franco, Big Bird, Alan Alda, Cyndi Lauper, Cookie Monster, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Katie Couric, Jon Stewart, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Alex Trebek, Smaug and so many more.


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Whoa! What an assemblage! That was incredible. I also saw Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Henry Kissinger (lol!), JJ Abrams and Charlie Rose.

Michael Bergeron

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Sad to see him go. I've been a Colbert fan since I started watching The Daily Show in 2000. Really started to sink in when they showed the painting over the mantle without him in it. Loved the throw to John at the end as if his whole show was a report.

Went out on a high note after a great week of shows. Looking forward to seeing him in his new gig.


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Loved the throw to John at the end as if his whole show was a report.

That part was brilliant.

The episode overall was more of a mess than I'd hoped – it felt like the show's own bucket list of gags and weird ideas that they'd never have another chance to do, so they threw it all in for the final outing. Still, when it worked, it worked. The pan over the studio, the empty painting, the sincere address to the audience, that final toss to Jon...all wonderful.

It feels strange knowing we're in a post-Report world.
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