Figures for my TOS SS Viper


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So, for those of you who don't know, I own the patterns that were used for the Icons studio scale Viper. This is the Viper from the original series and is (IMO) the closest thing to the real thing going. Ive been doing small changes and additions to the kit. Many have worked on it before me, and I wanted to do my part. One thing I wanted to see done from the beggining was new figure options. The figure done for the kit (by our own Propsculptor) is awesome, but its just one option. I eventually want a few of these babies to display, and wanted more options. In particular, I wanted a female pilot, some standing figures to go with the display, and options for pilots without their helmets (in case I wanted to model it on the ground with the canopy open) Jim Maddox was nice enough to help me out with the figure modeling. The female seated pilot isn't done yet, and neither is the standing male figure, but the seated male, and standing females are done, so I thought I would share some pictures. Im personally really excited about this. Im going to build the next viper for me on the ground, canopy up, with Sheba standing in front of it, her helmet sitting on the nose. I cant wait.

Im working on the molds for the figures now, and then the final details. I do know that the helmet for the pilots will be cast in clear resin so that people who want to light their pilots can simply wire a light into it, and paint everything but the light bar for a cool effect. Anyways, I am working out the final details on the figures. If anyone is interested, please feel free to PM me, or email me at for more onto the figs.

So...please let me know what you think.

Seated male figure. (Note the added leg computer, and different jacket it will look different in formation with the original Icons figure) Also, the heads will be setup to fit in the helmet, so the figures can be done with, or without helmet.


Some more shots


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Wow. Nice job on the sculpt. I especially like your rendering of the fabric....very realistic AND naturalistic.

What did you sculpt this with (material) and how big is the figure?


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Hey Jesse .. They look great ..

A great feature to the helmet, would be to make a Pegasus helmet for Sheba ...

It's pretty funny to see in e.g. "Fire in Space" they reuse alot of reel with Sheba in the Viper cockpit in one clip she's wearing a Galactica helmet ... and in the next shots it's a Pegasus helmet ...

Isn't continuity a funny little thing ;-)



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Still waiting on the new masters for the standing male and seated female pilot...hopefully not more then a month or so, but thats out of my hands. Vipers will likely come when the new figures do...


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Those figures look incredible. I've got a couple of Icons castings of the studio Viper they never released, I'd definately be interested in getting a couple these. The pilots were missing from my Icons castings. Awesome job. :thumbsup
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