Fight Club / Tyler's (real) Soap


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My wife is now making most of the household products we use (detergent, washing machine liquid, dishwashing, toilet cleaning etc) and I figured I would give a try to soap which we haven't made yet, a friend of us is making that as a hobby and we have a good stock. With the idea of "props that work" in mind, I thought that I'd go for fight club's soap bar...

Finished my first attempt of Fight Club soap after molding the master. I left it raw from 3D printing since it didn't look so bad in 140 microns layer and details / texture would vanish at the first wash plus... It's a just a soap-noob project to keep playing with chemical reactions, CAD modeling and mold making. Printing in crazy pink ABS cause I had that color


looks legit, just not soap yet


Degassing silicone

Mold, silicone captured everything, and zero bubbles

Pouring, no dye for now (I've ordered some food pigments). I used a small brush to populate as much as could the details and cavities but I'm pretty sure I have to do either hot (liquid) pour or use a press of some sort. Decided for my first attempt to try hot curing, 70°C for a few hours, and one night out, almost solid cured, needs probably a week of drying.


Missed some details, expected. I pushed the saponification to the thickest emulsion (tooth paste) so it's a farcry from resin pouring. I'll see how I can improve this in the future. But I tried the soap with a tiny bit of the (uncomplete) R2 and it makes foam and washes well, just not dry enough (you can feel that fat hasn't finished reacting with lye or that there's enough moisture so that it still not mixes well with the fat)

Still far from industrial resin (but at least real soap, not resin / static prop). For the details, it's coconut / Olive oil soap, 5% superfatted. Will keep experimenting with hot pouring and mold press.


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Cool project. I still have 3 unopened bars of the original promotional soap from Fox that were released. They are now crumbling and starting to fall apart. On the bars I have the lettering is engraved, but considering they were promotional they weren't going for accuracy.

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