Fifth Element Rocket


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Wow - way back in 2007 I picked up a few Estes Bull Pup kits on MMunson's tip, as these are what was used in the film.

Though it was mentioned in another thread (which inspired me to bust out my old kits!) on this prop that the actual prop used a metal tube, and it lacks the forward fins, so I suppose its a derivation of the kit.

For mine, I started by filling the original kit cardboard tube with resin, but that was a no-go. The swelling resin created lumpiness on the tube.

Good thing I had more kits!

I started over using a thin-walled PVC pipe, so now my rocket will all be plastic. The PVC will look far better painted, and will make attaching the plastic fins (which I will make) much easier.

Currently I have the nose and tail cones in place, and the whole shebag is filled with resin. It is nice and heavy, and rock solid.

Liking this project quite a bit!