Fifth Element/old movies in theaters?


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So I've had the opportunity to see all the Indy and Star Wars movies in theater, Back to the Future, too. Goonies, Aliens, and plenty of classics. But my favorite movie is The Fifth Element, and I didn't see it in theater. I check the Arclight site every now and again, but it doesn't look like they're ever going to show it. I would literally travel anywhere in Southern California to see that movie in theater. Probably even some of Northern California or Arizona/Nevada if I had to. But I have no way of knowing if/when a theater is going to show it. Is there any kind of web site that has a list of theaters that do screenings like that, besides the Arclights?
I saw this in a theater back when it first came out. Maybe at e revival house so I'd check the locals for a showing at one.
The Aero theater! I've been trying to remember the name of the place where I saw the Indy trilogy for weeks. Thanks! They seem to specialize in more classic stuff, I don't know if 5E is old enough yet.
When I was a student at UC Berkeley in the 80's there was UC Theater which showed old and foreign films ... typically a different program of films each night. I got a rapid education in films at that theater back then ... from silent classics to Italian Neorealism to surrealist dadaist films to exploitation films of the 70s to cult and independent films. They had a notebook in the lobby for folks to put suggestions.

The place is closed down today and boarded up. Many fond memories. I miss that place. A part of Berkeley character died with that theater in my opinion.


Sorry for the digression.
Definitely contact the theater. There's a few small theaters like that in Atlanta that you can basically rent out the screen to play whatever the hell you want.
I wish there were more movie theatres that showed old films, I can't think of any well known ones in the UK off the top of my head. I was really lucky and managed to see The Fifth Element on the big screen without even knowing I was about to see it. My university does an event once a term called the all-nighter where they play 6 films in a row, 5 of them revealed beforehand and one is a secret. Last year the secret film was The Fifth Element, there's nothing like seeing a film on the big screen to make you appreciate even more how awesome it is. I'm pretty lucky that my student cinema at my University is one of the best student cinemas in the country and manages to get old prints of classic films all the time like Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and many more.
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