Fifth Element movie question (guy shaving with knife?)


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Ok, I've never really understood this scene.

In the scene where the cops bust in to Korben's apartment building, the cops mistakingly arrest the neighbor guy shaving his beard with a knife (SMOKE YOOOOOU!!! guy). He "looks" like Korben with short hair and has the taxi business card on his door. The cops arrest him.

Later in the airport, there's a couple that pretend to be Korben but the guy is a Mangalore having a hard time controlling his face. The Smoke YOU guy also the Mangalore couple guy? They look the same...

Does that mean Korbens neighbor was a Mangalore? Did the couple trying to impersonate Korben have anything to do with the story? They don't know about stones, they probably only know their neighbor Korben winning the Gemini Croquette contest, right? So what's the point of the scene with the Mangalore couple in the airport, the shootout, bald girl jumping in the garbage pile?
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It's been awhile since I've seen the movie. But I'm pretty sure Zorg sent the Mangalore couple o the airport. I'm confused about the part with the "couple" being Korben's neighbor. That doesn't really make any sense.
After police arrest neighbor,thinking hes Korben. The mangaloes are waiting as well to get korben,upon seeing police thinking they have him,ambush police thinking its korben as well. Once the mangalores figure out its not korben, the leader disguses himself using neighbors face to gain access to airport and high jack the real korben dallas to meet the singer to get the stones. When they try to check in you see the scanner reveals they are dangerous mangalores ,and take off. They are cornered by the police where shoot out takes place and dive thru garbage to escape.
This is what I remember.

When she and Cornelius paid a visit to Korben, Leeloo took the taxi card from Korben's front door and I guess she must have pasted it onto the neighbor's door as a decoy (for the police or the Mangalores).

When the police came looking for Korben, they saw Korben's card on the neighbor's door and assumed he was Korben. Of course he gave them the "Smoke you!" answer and got arrested.

The Mangalores are also looking for Korben since he won the Phloston trip, so they laid back while the police made the arrest. When the "Smoke you!" guy is arrested, the Mangalores ambushed the police and took the guy. I'm assuming they need to scan his face for their next move, i.e. to impersonate Korben to get on board the ship to Phloston. The two who tried to check in for the flight were Mangalores in disguise, one of which is as the "Smoke you!", who they wrongfully thought was Korben.

Thanks all! This sounds right, maybe just the way its edited, the idea behind the disguised Mangalore couple didn't click for me. Finally - clarity!
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