Fifth Element Mangalore mask restoration No.2 - AKANIT


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Again i will restore another MANGALORE head.
This time its a head out of the AKANIT molds and the head
has the same issues with the crumbling foam latex.
AKANIT was second in command after AKNOT.

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Heavy fighting on Floston Paradise damaged this head and the foam latex crumbles away.

It is time to rescue what can be rescued or it will be lost forever .... :rolleyes:


The head lost some of its shape.
The deterioration process of the skin and the damages from the filming deformed it visibly.
I have to make a decision.
In this case i can't preserve the skin because its painted over completely and i dont see whats underneath the paint.
I also can't check it from the inside because there is the inner head glued on to the outer skin.
I have to decide to let it as it is and the deterioration process will destroy it or
i take the risk to ruin the head while trying to mold it.
A silikon layer on foam latex is crazy but maybe possible ......... :rolleyes:
I am aware that props can be restored or repaired very professional.
Some companies use 3D scanners, 3d printers and they have very good artists to do the work needed .
But all this efforts you will not get for nuts. Their work is professional and the payment for it is suitable.
On the other hand if you have a prop for which you paid several hundred bucks you will normally not pay 10-20 times more for a professional restoration. Even if it cries for restoration.

I decided to try my best without 3D worktools or many other professional stuff. I'll take the risk to fail or gain a restoration of my own work i can be proud of.

In this case i needed a stable base which resists the greedy teeth of the time to rebuild a AKANIT Mangalore head for my collection.
The original head was made of latex foam. This material is not to last forever.
And it was heavely damaged in the battle of Floston Paradise.
After that many parts crumbled away or shrinked and now the head is also bent and twisted.

I used a special silikon spray to apply a separating layer for the molding process. Now the molding is done.

Btw. i will never again make a plaster mother shell. This is a fast but very instable and weak solution.) I think i have "taken on" a neurological disorder called "Tourette syndrom" while i was messing around with the F@*#+~@!!! .... plaster stuff.

But now i have casted one copy and this is fine so.
A good workbase and i hopefully can start an enjoyable further work ...... :rolleyes:;)

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Here is the "inner" head after removing the outer skin. Its really ugly ..... :oops:
I think about selling it with the Propstore COA, if interested send me a PM

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