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A good friend asked me if i could make a copy of a statue i have.
For one copy i dont want to mold it.

It shows Aknot’s bust merged into rock with the distinctive “three lines” of the element stones on all four sides,
around the base on the back of the statue.
Its signed “Pollard” most probably for Gary Pollard the senior animatronics model designer , along with the production year 96.
Such gifts were typically made for the production heads or the crew working within the animatronics dept.

The statue measures: 16 x 16 x 29 cm (6¼” x 6¼” x 11¾”) at the widest points.

I am asking here if someone of you is also interested in a copy.
I could make a small run (about 10 pcs.) and the price would be around 250.-USD + shipping





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Hi Mangalore

Loving the Kounan bust I got from you...

What material will this be in and will it need any finishing......I'm crap at finishing :)



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The original figure was cast with brownish/green colored Epoxy Resin reinforced with fibre glass shreds.
The finish is made with a black paint wash. This gives the figure more depth.
This is exact how i would make the copies. The figures would come ready to display.
I also think about to try to use bronze powder just for fun in the Epoxy Resin of one copy ..... :rolleyes:
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