Fierfek's X-Wing and Imperial Gunner peps

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    I've been slowly working on some of Fierfeks peps. I've got the X-Wing and the Imperial Gunner to the fibreglassed stage and started rough sanding and bogging the outsides. Really pleased with their scale and the way they look.

    School holidays have just finished here and I'm back in front of the class tomorrow, so progress will probably stall for a while. Hopefully not as long as it has for the ABC Warrior in the background, though...

    Just posting these here for two reasons:

    1. To express my gratitude to Fierfek for making these peps available. Thanks heaps, Fierfek! :thumbsup

    2. And as a spur to getting these finished sooner rather than later.

    Cheers, Phil

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    Not to jump threads ,but show more of the ABC warrior head please,oh and cool work on the pep,i still struggle with pep at times so it's good to see how it should work

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