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Hi chaps

I hope this finds you all very well indeed.

The novice I am, I've begun a project (DW Mirror Matcher) that I would like to try a step that I have no clue about! And thats fibreglassing.

I say no clue, I mean, I understand the concept and understand the process with mould making and then taking a plug from that BUT I have no idea what I'm after in terms of materials to make this thing.

I have my basic shape, I want to cover it is some wax/release agent? then goo it up with matting, wait to dry and rinse and then finally using the mould to take a proper plug copy of my shape.

What are all the materials involved? and where do I buy them from?

I realise this is a very open question welcoming many supplier suggestions - but thats good for me!

Your help is very much appreciated



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Hi David,

I have used the company Glasplies in the past when making fibreglass head moulds and positives, the web link is below. The basic materials you would want are;
wax or pva realse agent (a good beeswax works, doesnt have to be an expensive product)
Chopped strand mat for strengthening resin.
Tissue mat if you have high detailed areas.
General moulding resin.
Car body filler to patch small holes and sand back.
Lots of PPE, mask with good filters, glasses, thick nitrile gloves (latex will melt) well ventilated space.

This company is based in Southport, there are others around though.

Fibreglass | Glass Fibre | GRP - Resin and more company

Hope this is helpful to you as a start



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Hi david.
As someone working in the props industry for many years now, the best suppliers i found were notcutts (not the garden centre) { Notcutt Limited :: Moulding Compound and Resin Suppliers } they supply from small quantities to large quantities, perfect for any job.

also, if you were looking to get into fibreglass moulding, resin casting etc, here's a link to some classes ran on the subject. Mould Making and Resin Casting Teaching and Masterclasses

hope that helps :) good luck with the props , looking forward to seeing what you make!



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Hi Alex and Johnny thanks for your posts! I'll check out these sites and see if I can find anything in budget and that will work for me.

Much appreciated!

Laser Brain

Sr Member favourite by a mile. Friendly, helpful, competitive and efficient. The only thing I don't buy from them is polyester bridging paste (for getting into those tight 90 degree angles). Ebay is good for can get it in small quantities there.
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best place by far and best prices is CF&S Group check out the budget easylam resin its very good stuff. plus online orders get a 10 percent discount. the range of materials for glassing is brilliant


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I would agree with piehead CF&S Group are superb, ive also used glasplies too as they are close to me they are also very good, you could also try Bently Chemicals as they do alot of stuff and supply to the likes of glasplies so there alittle cheaper but I would say CF&S are your best bet.


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please avoid cfsnet, i used to use them for years without problem then their customer service went out the window.

never been back since.

i use tomps now. good prices but seem a bit haphazard on stock.

i may be looking elsewhere for my next order as a result.

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