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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Christopher, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys and gals.

    I'm currently working on a Skyrim Dragonborn costume (I'm going to start a progress thread soon) and am specifically working on the helmet at the moment.

    I've been using a pep file and have been following stealth's tutorials for fibreglassing and have just fibreglassed the inside of the helmet. Now i'm wondering if there is any way, or in fact any need, to seal the resin. I am in the process of filing the pointy bits down, but I'm just wondering if that kind of surface is safe to have up against your skin, even if smooth? Is there some kind of protective coating that I could paint or spray over it that is a little safer to wear? Or is fibreglass fine so long as its sanded down and cleaned properly?

    Thanks for any help in advance
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    I've never heard of it being harmful once its dried.. when you sand it down obviously you don't want to breath it in but just up against your skin after its cured as far as i know is fine.
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    some people use padding on the inside to make a helm more comfortable you could do this and it would fix your problem.

    but it should be safe to wear eitherway.. if you sand of the sharp edges.

    this is a good movie on padding..
    Armor Padding - YouTube
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    I'm a big fan of some form of lining. Look at automotive head foam liner. It provides padding, and some wicking ('cause you Will be sweating) you could either have the lining removable (velcro) or just hot glue it in...
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    Thanks gents. I'll look into these things. :)

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