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coming to the end of star wars helmet template builds that I want (just 4 more to go) ..
been thinking of the best way to get the fiberglass on to the helmets ..
If I just use the hardener i think i will not have time and the hardener will go of too quickly…

so thinking of doing PVA glue and the fiberglass, then once dry go over with hardener …

can anyone tell me if this is a good idea or not


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A 2 part epoxy resin is what I used when laying up fiberglass parts on radio controlled jets. West systems is excellent.
Most all of them use a 50/50 mix of resin and hardener. Low odor too.


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Don't use pva. Anything that soaks into the fiberglass before you put the resin on will stop the resin soaking in.
Use fiberglass polyester resin.
Don't try to put it on in large areas, cut the fiberglass matting into small patches.
The best way to apply it is to get a board (something that'll be chucked out later), lay your fiberglass patch on it, put some resin on the patch & use a foam roller (the type you'd use for gloss paint) to spread the resin around the patch.
Once it's soaked in (you'll know, it'll go darker), pick it up & slap it on what ever you're molding/reinforcing. Dab it down with a brush. On joins between patches use the brush to drag & pull the matting over each other.
You can also use a fiberglass roller, I just use foam rollers as I'm too lazy to clean the fiberglass ones & I can just chuck the foam head away after coats.
When the resin in your cup starts to go off, stop. Mix up some more & keep going.
You'll get plenty of time, I'd say about 20 minutes work time out a cup & by doing it in patches you don't have to finish it in one go.
I di the ships hull below like that, so you should be able to do a helmet no problem.
Hope that helps.

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