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    Hi guys&gals! You are all the very best and I am in desperate need of advice.

    I started laying down fiberglass resin (bondo) and fiberglass cloth to the inside of a helmet I made from pepakura. I did not mix enough resin to coat the entire interior. And as I was just finishing working my way through the 2 ounces I mixed up, it started turning to jelly - indicating this batch is done.

    Should I wait until it cures before finishing the rest of the inside? Or wait 2 hours then add more while it's still tacky?
    I swear I googled this and in none of the tutorials I found could I find what to do if I did not mix enough.

    Thank you for your expertise!
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    You're actually fine to add more, all the way up to a few hours after, as long as it's still tacky. You want to do it while it's fresh so the new layer can bite into the previous layer.

    If you ended up waiting for an answer to your question, then let it do its thing into the following day, sand it a little to rough it up, and then add a new layer.
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    Thanks so much dude!
    I risked it and added more about 2 hours after the first application. I remember something about it being tacky while applying another layer but I couldn't remember to wait or not. Haha
    It ended up ok! It's been about 24 hours. I'll post pics of it in a new project thread.

    Again, thank you for your response!
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