Fiberglass reinforcement for Styrene? Glues?


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I have a fan built Ghosbusters proton pack. The builder used Plaster of Paris to reinforce the styrene shell but I would like to remove the plaster and line it with fiberglass cloth using the liquid fiberglass resin. Will the resin hurt the styrene?

What are the recommended glues to attach cast resin parts to resin parts and to styrene? How about resin parts and styrene to wood?


Dark Shadow

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You can use fiberglass and the mesh material but make sure you use it one thin layer at a time. If you pile it on too thick the heat of the curing will melt or deform the plastic. Super glue works nice gluing plastic to just about anything. Use a thick gel when gluing wood to plastic. also contact cement works nice too.

Chris Martin

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Polyester (fibreglass) resin will melt styrene sheet. If the styrene is thick enough (2mm+), you should "get away with it". Epoxy laminating resin (used for laminating radio controlled model aircraft wings) would be much better although it doesn't bond brilliantly with styrene. However, it bonds a lot better than plaster does especially if you rough the styrene surface up first with a bit of sandpaper.
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