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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by youngwm, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I am installing fiber optics in a FM y-wing and after speding last night getting the lights wired and setup today I planned on installing the fiber in the cockpit then paint. I ordered 7ft 64 strand, I went to Home Depot today and bought the smallest bit that dremel offers.
    Drilled holes where I thought fiber would look good in the dash and around 6 to 7 holes then I broke open the fiber jacket and the strands are smaller than the holes I could fit prob 6 strands of the optic in each hole. Is that ok to run several strands and then cut them off after glueing? I bought a safe glue that will not melt the fiber. If you have any advice please respond as my project is on hold till I figure out my next move.


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    I have done that before ,its easier just to go and get fiber optic wire that fits the holes,more precisely ,however irs just my suggestion ,I personally would not bunch up a bunch of wire in the same hole,you can get smaller microbits at harbor freight , , and order some,or some fiber optic places online to order fiber optics to accomadate your needs as well...IMO...
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    Well, it's your model, you can do what you want. I would stick with what you have and work from there. In the future it's best to pair the fiber with drill bits you have or can easily get.
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    You probably can do that if you want--if you want to use the smaller strands with a smaller drill bit, be aware that you'll need several replacement bits because they can easily break since they're so thin
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    Thanks for the feedback, I thought about what I was planning and decided to wait and order the correct size fiber optic. I did start to put one small strand in and glue but then came to the conclusion that it simply is not going to work.. Putting several strands in each hole would not look right. Maybe today I can paint some detail as the control panel is painted.
    Sucks that I have to order everything online and the closest hobby store is 20 miles and I am sure they don't sell what I need to continue my project today.

  6. Tim Nolan

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    I think you'd be better off sealing the holes with C and then re-drilling them to the correct size. I generally use seperate strands myself, and I keep an assortment of sizes on hand. I use black silicone adhesive to keep them in place. I've had great service from Paul at the Fiber Optics Store online. He is great with customer service and his products are top quality!

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