Fettsters Terminator 3 bust. Fully finished now with neck pistons/real eyebrow

Awesome job on this. Where did you find the piston?

May I make a suggestion? Did you paint the eyes or replace them with glass ones? If they are now glass I think it would help his expression if you made him look up slightly to give him a bit more menace. With the eye straight or slightly down it gives a sad impression.

But this all depends on how he's going to be displayed. With glasses it doesn't matter.

Note how I can't tell if they are painted or glass which means if you painted them that is one spectacular job, man. i so want to see this bad boy fully finished.
I just wanted to jump in and thank everyone for their opinions and kind words which helped make this piece even better - SJ painted this for me, and I could not be happier. ZK, thanks for pointing out the brow.

I am indeed going to make this a 1:1, so I cannot wait to start putting it together and sharing it. I invite all you guys to critique that when it is ready!

@ encased, thanks for all your comments. The eye is glued in, but I do appreciate the suggestion. But if your face looked like that, wouldn't you be pretty sad? :lol

I do see what you are saying, but to me the eye seems pensive, and maybe allows for some interpretation of emotion. After all, the T2 and T3 both dealt with some inner struggles. I like all my figures facing the person looking at them, so that was my call (good or bad).

Again, thanks so much for the comments.
No, in no way did I mean it looks bad. My preference for a Terminator is to have that pissed off look (teaser of T2) but that's more in tune to T1 and T2. He never really had that PO'd look in T3. You're going for that inner struggle vibe which is great.

If my face looked like that I'd probably be very happy as I'd have tons of money. Or maybe not.
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