Ferrolho's Marvel Heroes Unfolds


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Hello Everyone.

I will be using this thread to post my unfolds, they will probably be all for foam.

The models i will be using are from the game Marvel Heroes 2015 unless i state it otherwise.

I'm starting this with the release of my first unfold. A favorite of mine The Juggernaut helmet for foam:


Ferrolho's Marvel Heroes Juggernaut Helmet.rar

Join the corps by wearing one of these:


Ferrolho's Marvel Heroes Nova Helmet.rar

The Classic, Hank Pym Ant Man's helmet:


Ferrolho's Marvel Heroes Ant Man Helmet.rar

If someone wants to edit the unfolds for paper you have my authorization.

Please post your suggestions of improvement and feedback

Have fun building.
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Good news i have just learned some new tricks in blender ( thank you darkside501st for your help) that will allow me to work a bit faster and greatly reduce the file size and clutter by separating objects and as such it will be easier for you to scale and for me to work on the unfold in the future.

here are some previews:

ant_man_helmet.jpg nova_helmet.jpg


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I have just updated my first with a the improved version of my juggernaut helmet, and removed the old one to avoid confusions. I hope this makes for easier building.


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Ant Man's helmet unfold released, on first post. Unfortunately he's just an NPC for now so he doesn't have a hero card yet.

As a note: Be careful about some pieces that go through the model, don't forget to adjust acordingly
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