Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off, first 12 pages of script


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Not sure if any of you have come across this yet, but I think it's definitely worth reading. Rick Rapier has apparently written a complete 106 page script that he's currently trying to sell, and after reading the first 12 pages, I wanted more.

"The new story puts Ferris in present day life, where he's made a small fortune with his personal motivation program (thanks to his right-hand man, Cameron Frye.)"

There isn't much that happens in the first 12 pages, but it was enough to catch my interest. What do you guys think?

Read the first 12 pages of 'Ferris Bueller' sequel script | '80s music, John Hughes movies, big hair: Stuck in the '80s | Tampa Bay Times
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When Cameron was in Egypt's land...let my Cameron go. Thanks form posting this. I would love, love, love to revisit this film in the form of a sequel.

Maybe it's just that I enjoyed the Super Bowl commercial way to much, maybe.

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At least he has Ferris getting rich in a believable way. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. They'd have to put Cameron's actor on a diet, he was a bit chubby the last time I saw him on anything. I had to laugh when he was in Star Trek: Generations as he played the captain like he was Cameron.


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Hahah, wow. The last thing I remember seeing Cameron in was... uhh... jeez, was it SPEED? Yes, I believe it was.