fenixprops no response what now?


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Hi guys

I'm at a loss I have been dealing with Ada Vasquez of Fenix props regarding soft parts for an ANH Vader and the chest armour. I made this order back in April and after about 3 months (due to weather issues) I go the soft parts but not the armour. I was having good communication e-mails with him and trusted what he said and I would get my armour Shorty.

Now you guessed it my armour and missing chain for the cape still have not arrived and he is now not responding to any of my e-mails. I can't go though PayPal to get part of my money back as it has been passed 45 days I was wondering if anyone here knew him and could maybe push some buttons for me.

The soft parts of the costume are great and I really want the armour too but at the moment I don’t think I'm going to get it :-(


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I just had a e-mail from him at long last! He said he did not have my address as they lost all there ebay accounts I know this did happen to them but I was not one of there ebay customers I have been dealing with Ada direct though paypal and e-mail and trust but he did say the below in the last e-mail yesterday.

Our sincerely apologies once more and we will try to, somehow, make it up to you!!

Pls give me your delivery address so we can finally send your very much delayed items.
I will pass alone the trace number so you can keep track.

Sincerely and best Regards,

Customer Support
Paypal: info@fenixprops.com


Lets hope I get the tracking number! Thanks "rebel agent" if you had a hand in this?
There's some strangeness in the Argintine postal system - I Just had a package from Claudio at Custom Props (neighbor and somtimes partner from what I'm told) spend 10 days bouncing around from "sort" to "classification" to "sort" before finally leaving Argentina.
TinTin, ive actually done business with Fenix Props before, with fantastic results ... i wouldn't worry, everyone can make a mistake, but im sure you will get your armor ;)
Hi guys it's now been two weeks since I gave my address to them yet again and I still have not got my tracking number!!! Ada us not replying to my mails again. I know everyone says this is a good company, but I have been trying to get my stuff off them since April and it has been such a pain! If any of you can pull some strings to get this final bit it would really help. :-(
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