Female Tusken from the Dunesea

Jarvis B

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I'm doing a test fit of my Female Tusken castings that were cast in cold cast Bronze . These out door pictures don't really do it much justice as far as seeing the shine of the bronze so please take a look more at the details in the sculpt .
When you look at the mask you get the feel that this was actually pounded metal that had been shaped , folded , spot welded , torn in spots and repaired , on the squares either side of the mask if you look close you see a repeating nick in some of them suggesting those squares were by a craftsman with certain way of doing his job different from others , On the lower edge of the mask there are rips that had been repaired where the metal had gotten to thin during the pounding process , the metal above the eye opening you can see the spot welds and how it was seamed together attaching the sides and the middle . The center detail was made to match as close as possible to the screen used mask taking two hours the owner of our local bead shop to find just the right beads .The inner skirt attention was paid to the pins and small straps . Some detail is still missing on the forehead only because I haven't cast them yet .
Take a look and as always feed back is appreciated.


Alan Castillo

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This looks incredibly authentic !!

Do you have wip pics ? Would love to see how this was made !


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This is simply fantastic. The fact that it's cold cast bronze and not simply painted bronze color is even better. I am thinking this thing weights a couple pounds, correct?

About the only thing I can see as a faux-pas would be the position of the necklace on the mask. The Star Wars Visual Dictionary shows the necklace being attached at the seamline of the front and side plates of the mask, but yours are positioned fully on the side plates. Is that an aesthetic thing on your part, or a "quick fitting" thing?