Female Predator out for a first time stroll...


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Well i finally got to strap everything on and go for a first time stroll across Starfest in Colorado this weekend. ;)

Antcarb made my top chest piece, back piece, and boot covers. They were beautiful and worked great!

My bio was made by me, along with my spear and all my bones and death like goodness. Pretty much everything besides my top armor and boot armor was made by me. ^^
I always have an assortment of animal skulls and bones and such, so on me i had a bobcat skull, 2 mink skulls, coyote jaws, deer ribs, coyote toe bones, bear knuckle bones, leather, beetle wings, ext. I wanted to attach a deer skull to my back but i was afraid i would kill someone with the antler, so i left that off.

My spear does actually open and close, you can see it in these photos of me opened and closed.

This is one of my fav pics, its me and my boyfriend in front of the stargate! That stargate is so cool =D

Another pic of me with my boyfriend. I thought it was a good one.

I got to meet Morena Baccarin in this suit as well, it was pretty awesome. Shes so flippen BEAUTIFUL! OMG!
Shes like one of my fav actresses, i cosplayed as Inara once too.

Me with acouple of my talented friends who made some epic costumes.

If i find more and better pics i will for sure share them. ^^ I hope you enjoy, ive been building up this suit for quite some time.


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looks like you had a freaking blast there~!
your friends costumes look killer!
and your boyfriends looks like it was pepakura maybe?, but a great suit non the less...
ands now on to your suit!

WOW is all i can say, that bio looks fantastic, and the rest of your suit looks great!
yeah show us how the spear works!


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Thankyou everyone! It was very fun, and i really appreciate all your awesome comments ;)
I will try and maybe make a little video for youtube so you can see how the spear works. You have to pull on it but it looks like you dont. Its weird... Best to be shown instead of described.

And i really appreciate the comments on the bio, i worked hard on it. ^^
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