Female Predator Mask

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Kyra Da Psycho

New Member
Well guys, Im finally getting ready to start making my pred mask I have planned on doing for some time. I just need some help and opinions. First off, I found a mannequin (female) head I'd like to use for an armature. the circumference of said head is 22" whereas MY head is about 24" so, heres my question. Should I or should I not buy two of these heads? I plan on bulking one up to my approximate size and keeping the other one the origonal size.

I also have to ask about what supples I should get, or mostly need rather. I may be getting 40lbs of the monster maker clay, unless of course there is clay that would be better for me to use. Does the monster makers clay have to be heated in order to be used? Id like some specific info and cautions on using the clay, if possible. I wont worry about the molding supplies until I have more done on the sculpt.

Im really excited to start on this project and I really hope it turns out well. Any and all help, as I always say, is greatly appreciated! I may draw up some pics to show you guys what my idea for the sculpt is, I will be doing my P2/AvP styled female. Basicly the design I came up with for Kyra.

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Pretty Huntress

New Member
Hey I'm excited to see you get started! I also used a female mannequin head to start my sculpt. I'm still relatively new to this but in my opinion you should be okay with one but if you feel like you'll have the urge to start another I would order 2. In fact, I just ordered another mannequin head today but I got a male one because it looked a little bigger so I figured I could potentially save a lil clay @ the same time. Additionally, you can pick up a basic sculpting kit from a hobby store or just search for one on ebay.

Also just an fyi, when you are starting your sculpt make sure that you armature is on a good solid base because you don't want the clay to break the mannequin head (I've been there and had to completely restart my sculpt). I built a turn table and since my mannequin head was hollow, I ran some pvc pipe through it and put it on a swivel so I could rotate the sculpt 360 degrees (idea was courtesy of help from another lair member). I also drilled a few holes in the mannequin and filled it with expanding foam to steady the pipe and give the mannequin some weight.

I don't have any experience using the monster clay as I have been using klean clay so hopefully someone else can chime in on that. Anyways good luck and looking forward to seeing some pics!


New Member
I think its about time somebody got serious about making a female predator I tried once but it just didnt look right so all I have to say is awesome hope everything goes smoothly. :D


New Member
Hey Kyra, I have all that info on my wip, I've been gone for a couple months and now i'm back.. check it out and let me know if you need any other info, like how to get a free mannequin and etc... I Myself am really liking the monster clay premium..

Hope to hear from you soon..

here's the link to my build:

hope it helps some


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