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This is my first costume post/project on this message board. Be gentle!

This December we are going to a late-night release for the OLD REPUBLIC, and will be in costume. I am working on my first Star Wars costume, specifically Mandalorian armor for my wife. It will be a female-themed Mandalorian set, based on the new character entering the Clone Wars: Animated Series.

So far I have made a few small pieces, but current focus is on the helmet. Though there's more to be done, I thought you might like to see the before/after image. I am converting a retail Boba Fett helmet into the design from the Clone Wars.

I'm also working on a Royal Guard outfit. My wife bought me a helmet and cloak a year or so ago. I hope once completed to submit it for 501st approval. I'm attempting the actual under armor shown in Crimson Empire. If it all goes well, I look froward to building 501st contacts.
So how's it going? I thought I had replied earlier but I love the helmet for the new character :) I'm in NZ so no clue if the episode has shown up yet?

Mandalorian <3
I love deviations from the normal costumes out there. Anyone can do Darth Vader or a generic Trooper but it takes imagination to see the difference and make it happen.

Grats on the innovation. I will be at the midnight release of Gamestop by me, hope more people dress up.
Thanks for the interest guys, I should have more to show you soon. We're waiting for the body suit so we can start attaching (foam) armor pieces I've constructed. Until then, here's a photo of the helmet and the recently constructed (but not painted) jetpack. Unfortunately, there aren't good reference pictures of this character out yet, so I've had to just cobble together based on what I've seen in other Mandalorian outfits.

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