Female Human Hunter

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Hey all,

I have been at work all month on a human hunter after being really inspired by the She Predator figure. I got bit by the bug, and really very quickly started to get inspired by the idea of making my own costume based on that and other ideas.

I will post my progress photos tomorrow, but here is what I have so far:

Myself and celtic yautja:

A quick rundown:
Wig: four 40" wigs rewefted to one cap and dreaded. My own hairline incorporated while wearing it. Colour shaded near hairline to better match my own. Acrylic paint dye (not ink)

"Blooded Hunter" scar: clear silicon coloured with oil paint shaped by brush over plastic glued with pros aide (love it!)

Neck seal: silicon over stretch netting, invizible zip up the back with a long tag that tucks into my costume.

Necklace: fishbones, hand made teeth (DAS colour, aged with paint) and random wooden bones.

Bikini set: faux suede, double layer bra (wire and foam shape from a cut down bra, otherwise patterned by me) self lined knickers with modesty manels subtley aged (a bit paler than intended) with paint as per wig (same time actually)

Armour: All made from snake textured heavy leather (seconds so the enire lot of two hides was under $30) patterned entirely by me in paper then card and finally rivetted together, metal eyelets hammered in, textured with hot glue and finally painted with acrylic spray.

Shoes: sole and wedge from a pair of $3 shoes from our favourite cheap shoe place here in NZ and new insoles and entirely rebuilt heel and toes (same heavy leather) nailed and glued to make sandles. They even buckle to fasten. Also textured and painted to match.

Wrist blades:
sintra/forex/foamcore laminated together cut, whittled and sanded to shape. Painted in acrylic, sanded back and repainted. Enamel is easy to apply, but the acrylic just is so much more flexible.
Housing is made from a cut down silicon caulking tube (I am recycling from my Witchblade costume making) and heated to reshape and notched to fasten through slits in the vambrace. Leather glued and textured to match.

Shuriken: three layers of forex/foamboard laminated and shaped, epoxy putty used to created raised details. I'd rather have used more foam board but I was getting to the OMG ow stage.

So everything that is in the photo was made by me, this last month. Except the shelled belt, but I made all the trophies hanging off it and did destress it with paint

You will have to forgive a lack of photos. Most turned out grainy and I am not posing as much as I'd like to be in them. But then I was in so much pain, and still am. In fact under doctor's orders to not do any hand work for a month, and that was from last Thursday ;) He would not really be too pleased with me going to a convention and standing around all day for three days...

I have my bio partially sculpted and the backpack half made. My cannon is yet to be even partially made into reality from my design sketch, but that's for later :)

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Naasad Tal

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VERY nice work...my girl will be glad to see another Human Female Hunter. I too am basing (VERY loosely) her armor on Hot Toys Machiko figure. As we are both Human I think we would be VERY interested in a more detailed run down of the Process you used for your "Scar"...if you could PM me the info I would be VERY greatfull...again your suit looks great.



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Great work, can't wait to see the rest of your suit. Are you trying to have something for Halloween or later just out of curiosity?

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looks really good if i could give any suggestions or advices to make the suit over the top you should
weather your loin cloth and hunter purse also another cool idea would be to dry brush crome silver on the edges of your armor and finally i would say add some small weathered bones to the wig and some celtic beads

with a few modifications you could really take that suit over the top

but so far great job =)

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celtic yautja

New Member
yep,twas a great three days of ARMAGEDDON pulp expo goodness!
emdibi and i took the floor together on sunday morning,much to the delight of tons of fans..... :)
lots of friends took tons of cool photos,so im keen to see those turn up on the web!!
your stume was awesome m,.......a testimony to your skills & talents.
im keenly waiting for daniels pix of us,taken at the weta stand,........they should be very good methinks.

thanks again m,..........truly brilliant work my fellow hunter.


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Replying in order of responses:
Thanks Obraxis and batmanvxpredator :) It's been a really interesting last month working in materials both familiar and unfamiliar.

Un-blooded: Yeah, I decided my height against the male preds here meant I really could not get away with a female Pred who was anything but human. I have many in progress photos but am finding it hard to get them on to photobucket right now.
Thank you

Polygon: no, I am putting the suit aside for a month or so, I did get to wear it to the local con this weekend so that will be it for a while. I have a few additions and redos I'd like to work on before the next event. Which is likely to be April.
Thank you ;)

One End: Thank you The wig was worth an additional day trip to pick up some wigs. I had initially thought two would be enough, but I needed four in the end!

Thank you Natti, Dahdtoudi and PredatrHuntr.

Punhulk: Thanks Actually I have some other paint plans. I am stripping the paint back and will reapply it as my tests look much better. In tests I did what you are not supposed to do: namely lay down thick layers of paint. I used gloss black then aluminium on top of each other. In the test I did not wait for the black to dry, in the final product I did. Now it's a great texture, just not what I was after. It makes the leather look more like a textured sintra or foam. So it fooled a heck of a lot of people. I just much prefer the glossier look in my tests.
I am going to make the details wider, and am debating on just what metal colour to use on them. I really love the look of a gold tone, but it may need to head towards bronze rather than brass.
The wig started matting even more underneath against the silicon so I'm going to redo the dreads to be more defined. I really did not have time to do beads in the hair at all. I'm going to make myself a nice carved bone type of holder for the hair that is held back. It will also be stitched down so it's easier to style.
As above, I did weather the skirt, it just didn't take quite strongly enough to show, especially in photos! ;) But once I get some more rubbing alcohol I'll be spritzing both the wig and the suede parts to make them more obvious. Oh and the pouch is going to be cut down. I allowed myself to carry too much in it (cards, phone, keys, sports tape, hair pins, safety pins, hair ties....) so I need to make it less tempting to try and carry everything.....

Garo Hunter: Thanks.. I think?

PredatrHuntr: The figure doesn't have mesh on her arms either ;) I was going to but decided it was going to be too much given the lightness of my skin, hair and fabric parts. The contrast would be too much. Especially once I get my pauldrons done and cannon- too busy for something with high contrast, works well to create texture on an already textured ground though. I have another pair of industrial net tights that I will probably sew to the ones I'm wearing so I can play about with the neckline.

celtic predator: people were taking photos of you! I was lucky to be allowed in some of them!

delonghi: Thank you :)

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Ei luj

New Member

That costume is killer!

Love the workmanship and use of materials (a lot of it is leather? I'm partial to leather :);) )

Thats an excellent showing you and Celtic Yautja made....

I am happy to see another lady Huntress, next year the ladies will rule SanDiego ComicCon!



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Thank ei'luj :) Yeah, heehee, yeah I saw your work I was really glad when the textured leather came up as I didn't want to appear to be copying- being new here and all ;) I have though been interested in cuir bouille for a while now but especially for my historical costuming (I need a cutlery holder-lederfutteral- for one). Unfortunately this leather is not good for boiling. The paint and imprinted texture makes it warp too much. Sigh. But it worked for this project nicely.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I get to reply to threads I have wanted to for about a month

And if my friend an I can get to CC..... oh yeah we are so meeting you guys!

celtic yautja

New Member
m,when we troop,we rock.the response on level two was the best response through the entire con.
i took spawn,batman & predator to the con,and troopin with you while in the pred was by far the best experience. :)
i cant get over the detail you've put into your suit.
all handmade.
all skill.

i dont know personally,any other stumers who actually fabricate the entire suit themselves.
......but you do.
thats a level of skill that nobody else i know posesses.
i simply paid money for my stume.
.....you built yours from scratch.
it is I who am lucky to troop with you m. [kneels before you]
i know you were achin,and more power to you for making your craft your passion also.
lets do this again huntress.


Sr Member
Thank you :) I know that those who know what work is involved appreciated it, I just wish we had a costumer's con here. We could put a bid in for a Costume Con one year.... I think I'd wind up being too involved in the planning though to enjoy it!

celtic yautja

New Member
you think like that,cause you're a cosplay judge. :)
and a good one at that.

face it m,when you and i take the floor,........we rule......period.no-one can touch us.

dang,the fans were stoked.

we rock,we rule.
thats the way it is.

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