Female Dark Archer


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For my first DC project I'm working on the Dark Archer from the CW's Arrow. I'm a big fan of John Barrowman and this costume looks like a cool challenge. I've been searching for a master thread for the character but only ones I find are for Oliver Queen and Roy Harper :(

image.jpg image.jpg I figured I would start with this and mod as I see fit. I know I need a black gi and 5.11 tactical gloves. I'm still doing research on the rest. I can't wait to be my first villain :)


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If you search "Merlyn" or "Malcolm Merlyn" in this forum, there have been a couple build threads that might help you with sourcing some pieces. But I agree, the CosplaySky costume seems as good a place as any to start.


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I'm still stuck on pants....any help from the folks that have made the costume already? Debating between just plain black pants or cargo pants for a more tactical route. Or are they simply gi bottoms?


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If you don't find pants you like, give black Wrangler cargo pants a try.
They can be found at Target or Walmart for $17.... all you have to do is remove the label on the right pocket.
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