feet - sole binding / type selection


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Hey fellas

I've been working hard on my first high end costume for nearly 2 months now and I am nearing completion! (yay) (/cheer)

My Xenomorph is all but complete bar the soles of my feet (i'll stop rhyming now), anyways.
What is a good method to protect the soles of latex feet from damage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated




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Well Dr. Seuss
Personally I would either cut the straps off of a pait of thongs and glue them on but that would look like a Xeno wearing sandals or cut the soles out of the latex feet and attach them to a pair of shoes or boots like boot covers with the sole of the shoes sticking out beow the latex just enough to stop the latex touching the ground


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One idea i had was to buy a sports type inner (the inside of your running shoes, which are very sturdy but thin and flexible) and glue it to the bottom of the latex feet.

Unfortunately i am not sure of which type of glue/contact adhesive or even stitching to use. Im sure normal super glue will crack after 3 seconds and i haven't had much luck with contact adhesive, i have heard of a type of glue designed specifically for shoes called "shoe goo", may try and find some of that.

Any other ideas will be certainly appreciated.


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You could stitch it but you would have to add extra latex around the stitches to prevent them tearing open

As for adhesives you could try aquarium silicon, I was just using some to glue together a broken mold because I had some left over from making my forest dragon enclosure and figured I would use that instead of buying more and it says that it will adhere rubber so it should work on latex and it remains flexible, on the down side it smells really strongly of salt and vinagar chips :p YUCK!
You have probably found a solution for this by now but I thought I would post this just in case ;)


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thanks kelz, but i did already find a solution. I used my sports inner as a sole and glued it with a super strong glue which i cant remember for the life of me, but its staying on and is hidden really well.


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I used that expanding spray foam from Home Depot that they use to fill holes in walls etc... I shot it on the bottom of both feet. Cool thing is that stuff is sandable once dried. I used a pad sander to get a flat surface. Then bought some of that non slip black rubber cupboard liner so you glasses dont slide in your cabinets. Its really thick and non slip. I cut it out to the shape of my feet and super glued it on. Feet work awesome now, comfy to walk in, and I gained about 2" in overall height because of it....
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